Enrage Ultimate Team has a wide and assorted scope of NFL history inside it. In addition to the fact that players resemble Pat Tillman and Torry Holt intensely included, however legends cards extending from John Elway to Alan Page and Mel Blount are accessible, giving you a major cut of NFL greats to blend into your present players and TOTW cards. 

MUT's most recent update included Brian Urlacher and Jim Brown Legends cards, which made us think, which other NFL greats merit Legends cards this year? 

Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers 

The NFL has been making a major festival of its 100th season this year, which included making the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears the absolute first round of the year as opposed to the guarding champion New England Patriots. 

What better approach to proceed with that festival than putting the MVP of Super Bowl I and II into MUT with his own one of a kind Legends card? 

MUT as of now has Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and John Elway under focus as Legends, however including Starr would take the NFL back in history more than it typically does. 

Walter Jones, Seattle Seahawks 

There aren't sufficient hostile linemen cards out there. There is obviously Anthony Munoz Legends card and the Heavyweight gathering, however that is nothing contrasted with the profundity of decision you have at different positions. 

One method for adjusting this is include seemingly the best left handle since Munoz, Seattle's beast Walter Jones. a 9-time Pro Bowler that was named to the 2000s All-Decade group, Seattle resigned Jones' #71, the very sign of a legend. Jones had a 98 OVR Ultimate Legends card in Madden 18, so a 92 OVR Legends card this year would bode well. 

Kevin Williams, Minnesota Vikings 

An incredible aspect concerning the NFL is that groups build up a character that takes into consideration generational correlation. 

The Purple People Eaters was a moniker given to the Vikings protective line in the late 60s and 70s, and that was imitated during the 2000s by the Williams Wall. One portion of that pair, Kevin Williams, made 5 All-Pro groups and was named to the 2000s All-Decade group. Having the option to arrange Page and Williams would be a great method for commending the NFL's group character and physical history. 

Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins 

The Miami Dolphins are having a horrendous time of it in 2019. At 0-4 they are headed to being one of the most noticeably terrible groups in NFL history. Anger is intended to carry delight to all fans, however attempting to play with Dolphins players this year is terrible. EA can address a portion of that by making a Miami symbol into a MUT Legend. 

Jason Taylor played 13 seasons in Miami, grabbing 131 of his 139.5 vocation sacks as a Dolphin before he resigned after the 2011 season. Enlisted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 and sitting seventh in the record-breaking sack list, Taylor is an ideal possibility for a Legends card in the near future. 

Wes Welker, New England Patriots 

This probably won't seem like a perfect Legend after such a large number of Hall of Famers, yet MUT's best cards at wide recipient are only outside dangers. The space position is significant to the cutting edge NFL, and thus the manner in which the Madden 20 playbooks work. 


The first, and apparently most prominent, space beneficiary to change the game was Wes Welker. When he landed in New England in front of the 2007 season there wasn't a lot of flourish, however what followed was a hostile seismic tremor as the Patriots tore the NFL to shreds. From that point forward groups have been searching for their own Welker, who drove the NFL in gatherings multiple times and was named an All-Pro twice on account of his chain-moving, inclusion beating aptitudes from within.